Sep 282020

EvolvedFightsLez Charlotte Sartre, Lydia Black

EvolvedFightsLez Charlotte Sartre, Lydia Black
Charlotte Sarte and Lydia Black have both been defeated on the Mixed wrestling site by the Chokefucker, Lance Hart. Once Lance defeats his victims, he likes to fill their holes up with his man seed in hopes of impregnating them to carry his babies. Both these losers have gotten filled up or glazed by Lance’s seed and now these two goth girls fight to see who will be the one to win Lance’s Heart over enough to have him chose her to carry his baby. The fight starts out playful and soon turns ugly. One wrestler lets her mean streak come out in round 3. One wrestler is pinned, trapped and licked to orgasm against her will. The Winner fucks the Loser in all her holes and humiliates her for Lance
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Duration: 00:45:53 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 1.11 GB

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