Evilena Domina – Wonder Evilena Adventure #1 – I Have Strong Legs and Know How To Use Them!

Hi! I’m Evelina Domina, a loving housewife and very dedicate to my home, my hubby is a handsome man but he is a Defense Apartment officer, who fights the evil around the world and had gained a lot of enemies too, I love him and sometimes I save him from may peril but with my secret identity as Wonder Evelina. Today my hubby is going to his job as all days, and he will leave 2 undercover agents as the security our building apartment to but when I get alone in the house, I did watch the security camera system and found both security guards lay down on the ground, Oh bad guys entered and my apartment, maybe they looking for my hubby, well they are going to meet with her loving wife who will give them a good punish but I will use my secret identity as Wonder Evelina and I will show them what “I have lovely legs and I know how to use them…!
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