Nov 192020

Eva De Vil – Your New Step-Mommy

Eva De Vil – Your New Step-Mommy
You’re reluctant about my not-so-sincere request to bond myself into your family by having you call me Mu-mmy. I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, and I may have bullied you in high school, but it’s important to your fa-ther and me that I feel respected and welcomed.
I do have the power to completely control your life. Your fa-ther would never believe you if you told him I threatened to smack your bottom, but he would listen to me if I suggested imposing curfews or entertainment restrictions on you.

I find it satisfying to immediately infantilize a man, simply by having him call me Mu-mmy. I’m willing to turn a blind eye if you want to sneak a pair or two of Mu-mmy’s panties to jerk off with out of the laundry. I’m sure it’ll help make you more obedient and receptive to me.

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