Mar 202021

Eva de Vil – Jerk Addict Challenge Topless

Eva de Vil – Jerk Addict Challenge Topless
Goddess has another lengthy challenge for you to continue your training as my jerk addict. Don’t cum until the end. You know the drill.

As usual, I start by making you smoke. It’s so amusing to see you losing yourself, struggling with your senses as you fight to focus on your orders. You must exercise control and discipline over your body. Even as it weakens. Even as it yearns to give in.

(Alternatively, if you’re not going to smoke to this clip, you can dri nk, taking long sips as I count you in and holding it in your mouth before swallowing per my command. If you’re a good boy who doesn’t get wavy, you can just squeeze your dick tightly when I count, breathing deeply to relax)

Any orgasm during this clip, even a ruined one, will be considered a failure. There’ll be a monetary cost of failure too, and added time on your next attempt at the challenge. But you won’t fail, will you? You’re a dedicated and well practiced jerk addict.

Yet you can’t ignore the way my fishnets and jean shorts take over your mind. You don’t want to ignore it. You want to lean into it. It feels so good to give into this denim covered ass again and again and again.

Just as you start to think you can manage, my soft whispers penetrate your mind, enticing you to surrender to me. Why not let go and just cum now? Can you really defy me? My whispers tease your ears throughout the clip, layered over my instruction and encouragement. Moaning. Voicing your desperation.

I slowly strip out of my clothes. I have a treat for you, addict. As water drenches my shirt, my heavenly nipples start to reveal themselves. You need all your willpower but you’re already so weak for me.. Your jaw clenches and your body trembles. My teasing has never felt so unendurable. Cumming is beginning to feel irresistibly appealing. But we’re only halfway.

With a cruel little outfit switch, I change to a sexy bikini, just as you thought you were about to worship my bare nipples. You have to keep edging to earn your orgasm to my tits, my weak bitch. Your entire being is gripped in agonizing arousal.

Is the challenge too much for you? This is your purpose. This is the only thing that you’re programmed to do: pump. Prove that you’re a true edge slut.

*Wear headphones to get the full experience*
goddess worship,,tease and denial

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