Ev1l Slave 0f H@rdak

The sorceress of darkness Evilynne is tired of serving under Skullator, and wants to become the ultimate Master of Eternity! She casts a spell to bring forth all of the ancient evil spirits power, but she needs an evil powerful vessel to channel them through, and she knows just who to use, the master of darkness himself, Hardak! Evilynne travels to Hardaks lair and attempts to seduce him, grinding her sexy body on him, making him want her so badly he cannot resist it, and just when his guard is down she uses her magic to complete her spell. Hardak is too smart for her and quickly takes down the evil witch, he will not lett her go without making her his personal slave. Hardak leashes her, chains her and vibes her until she is too weak to use her magic against him, then she becomes his personal plaything. Evilynne fights as hard as she can, but the powerful Hardak shows her that he is the true master of darkness and she will serve him for all eternity!
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Tags:Maledom,Male Domination,superheroine,superheroines,Humiliation,magic power,fantasy,Submission,froced orgasm,super hero, super heroines

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