Erotic Deception

Brain Washing is a subtle art. A gentle seduction of the mind. It is so subtle in fact that you won’t even realize it’s happening to you before it’s too late. You won’t even feel it. My words are so velvety smooth…they etch themselves deep into your mind…planting a sick and twisted little seed of insanity. You inherently know that you can stop me at any time… All you have to do is look away…but you can’t can you? I lull you into a feeling of safety…relaxation…It is not for you to understand…only to mindlessly let your cock respond to me. Do you want me to stop? No? Well keep watching the screen and let me slowly poison your mind. As we begin you won’t even realize what’s happening to you. But when I’m done you’ll be nothing but a faggot cum junkie and soon your every waking hour will be consumed with thoughts of big thick dick. Tell yourself this isn’t really happening. Tell yourself that I can’t possibly turn you into my cock hungry little dick licker. Tell yourself that this is all pretend. Then play this video again…and again…and again…

Clip Contains: I continue to slowly brainwash you into becoming my little faggot cum junkie. At first you won’t begin to feel me melting your mind…but once I’m done you will begin to hear my voice in the back of your mind convincing you that dick is the only way. Your every thought will become more and more consumed with dick with every time you watch this clip. But remember…you have the power to stop this. Or do you?
tags:forced bi, forcedbi, gay encouragement,faggot , homosexual encouragement,,cock worship,sissy training

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