Enforced Justice: Seeing Red Again Episode Two

Dee Williams, Carissa Montgomery, Izzie Robbins, Tina Lee Comet & Nate Liquor

With Mistress Scarlet having Justice, Rapture and Agent Robbins right where she wants them, all tied and bound, she decides that she’s going to give the heroines a taste of their own medicine. Scarlett was left by Justice and friends tied up and cumming her brains out for the cops to find, which was very humiliating for her and that little stunt is what sent her to jail. So Scarlett’s decided that she’s going to make a little porno to get revenge and humiliate Justice, Rapture and their new friend Agent Robbins. The spicy shoot is going just as planned until Scralett’s associate shows up and gets news from their boss to leave the trio since capturing an Agent was dumb on Scarlett’s part. Scarlett follows orders but leaves very upset as she was just getting started. The three damsels are left to struggle but there is a way to get free if one of them can see to it…
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