Enforced Justice: Seeing Red Again Episode One

Dee Williams, Carissa Montgomery, Izzie Robbins, Tina Lee Comet & Nate Liquor

Mistress Scarlett finally finds herself in the slammer, no thanks to Justice and her crew of super heroines. She’s not too worried about it though since she has a bit of help from the inside. When the FBI Agent assigned to get information from Scartlett about her gang comes for a visit, Scarlett is able to use the contraband left in her cell to her advantage. She captures and swaps clothing with Agent Robbins and makes her escape while leaving Agent Robbins tied up in the cell.

Agent Robbins is out of her predicament and back on the trail of Scarlett when she runs into Rapture at Mistress Scarlett’s sex slaver’s old hideout. They team up to go and find her. Well, Scarlett finds them first, ties them up and sets a trap for Justice knowing she won’t be able to resist doing whatever she can to save her secret lover Rapture.
Keywords: hitachi, hogtie, chair tie, tapegagged, cleave gag, boot fetish, garter & stockings, clothes swapping, izzie robbins, carissa montgomery, dee williams.
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