Enforced Justice: Identity Theft Part 2

Description: Nyxon is at her place, gathering her stolen money and packing a suitcase. She realizes that Justice is standing behind her, not surprised to see the superheroine. As Justice tells her that Ms. Comet sent her to get even and have a taste of sex slavery life, Nyxon slowly inches towards a button on the table. She hits the button and a hidden lasso tightens around Justice’s ankles, pulling her to the ground. Nyxon quickly cuffs and gags her before she’s able to put up a fight. Justice is in a hogtie and stripped of her costume and her mask! Nyxon knows that she is the news reporter Ms. Comet and everything finally makes sense to her now. She brings a hitachi and dildo over to Justice and unties the hogtie. Nyxon then has her way with Justice, telling her that the sex slave role fits her perfectly. Justice cums and Nyxon ties her back into a hogtie and tapes the vibrator to her. Nyxon has decided that she is going to use Justice to get her off the hook with the nappers that she’s upset. She leaves Justice there to struggle. Justice manages to wiggle over to her costume, fighting the pleasure of the hitachi, where she has a razor blade hidden. Justice manges to get herself free. Nyxon comes back to find that Justice has escaped but before she can do anything she is grabbed from behind. Nyxon is now nude and tied in a hogtie. Justice comes in carrying a vibrator telling her that she needs to make Nyxon’s justice the swift kind and that she looks much better in the role of sex slave. She vibes Nyxon until she hesitantly cums. Just then, they hear the sound of multiple cars driving up. Justice peaks out the window and sees that the napper have arrived and that she is outnumbered. Siren and Rapture will never get there in time to help so she needs to think up something fast. She looks down at Nyxon and gets an excellent idea. Nyxon is hogtied again but is wearing Justice’s outfit. Justice is finishing tying her and is dressed in Nyxon’s cat burglar outfit. Justice blindfolds her, turns the lights off and disappears into the shadows. The male napper walks in and sees Nyxon tied up and is tricked thinking it’s Justice. From the shadows, Justice tells him to take his prize and go. He wants the money too but Justice talks him out of it when she mentions the cops. He calls out to the other napper and the female napper comes in. The male decides he wants to fuck with “Justice” before they haul her into the van. The female takes a vibrator to Nyxon and Justice sits in the shadows watching, almost feeling sorry for her. The nappers work Nyxon over until she cums. They pick up Nyxon and the male napper gives stern warning to Justice in the shadows to remember what he saw there today. They carry Nyxon out while she tries to protest into her gag. In the shadows, Justice swears she’ll remember…
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