ENCHANTRESS SAHRYE vs HANNAH PEREZ: Battle of the Superheroines (Parts 1 & 2)

IT ALL STARTS HERE! Super criminal Count Vertigo, armed with his mind altering monocle, has already captured and beginning to brainwash Hannah Perez. Enchantress Sahrye arrives to rescue her partner and a fist fighting brawl takes place between the super heroine and super villain. She is able to free Hannah Perez only to find herself now caught in the clutches of Count Vertigo. Now with Hannah and Sahrye both felled by the power of Count Vertigo, they are brought to his arena where he monitors them from afar. The super heroines have no idea that they have been attached with mind controlling pods that Count Vertigo will use now to control them. What perils lie ahead, find out?
Keywords: sahrye, hannah perez, mind control.
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