Aug 292020

Empress Poison – Demonic Sissy Slayer – Part Three

Empress Poison – Demonic Sissy Slayer – Part Three
(PART THREE OF FOUR) I lead you to a deep dark cellar beneath hell, a place so cruel satan would dare not red… I beat and bruise you, over and over again making you dance and squeal like a desperate sissy pig. I beat you until everything is black… then I resurrect you so you can feel the torment over and over gain. All for my cruel sadistic pleasure, I make you worship my feet by licking off the red life juice you have split, forever caught in my darkness…but then you see a big cock in-between my legs and it will show you what’s next…
Executrixxx Fantasy, Sissy Training
Big Feet, Corporal Punishment Fantasy, Devil Fantasy, Foot Fetish, Humiliation, Religious Fantasy, Satanic Fantasy, Shoe Fetish, Sissy Humiliation, Sissy Slut

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