Empress Jozefien – Accepting your Role as a Friend Zoned Cuck

You’ve always wanted to fuck me, my beauty… my lucious red lips pulling your eyes in. I tease you… pulling you in closer and closer, wrapping you right around my finger. You’ve always dreamed of what my lips could feel like pressed against yours… what they would feel like pressed against your cock. You want me so bad so I tease you further, growing weaker, I bring you to the edge of your seat, right before we kiss, I reject you. You’ll never get to fuck me. You’ll never get to kiss me, you’ll forever be beneath me as I enslave you as my cuckold bitch. Men with impressive cocks fuck me only, men with cocks like yours get locked up, denied of pleasure. Your pleasure comes from serving me. Transforming your entire life to becoming my toy, transforming you into my little bitch. Using your mouth however I please, dressing you up, waxing your body and making you my fuck toy. You’ll forever be in the friend zone, a friend zoned cuckold bitch. Serving me, pleasing me is what gives your life purpose.
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