Dec 162020

Edge Me Please – Normal, Easy, Mystery

Edge Me Please – Normal, Easy, Mystery
You guys loved stroking along to my first Edge Me Please clip, so we’re back and playing with one of my favorite orgasm control websites. Some of you may have heard of it before, many of you won’t. Your jerk off instructions today will essentially be provided by a randomized computer program, with the added sexy twist of me, Miss London Lix, setting the parameters and throwing in my own instruction and encouragement as we go. I’ll explain exactly how to play along at the start of this clip, but you should expect a very intense game of red light green light, and this time I’m not telling you how I’ve set the ending. Will I leave it up to chance & let the computer decide? Have I guaranteed denial and blue balls for you? Or have I been kind and told my robot sidekick to let you cum?There will be speed changes, length mix-ups, and other instructions, all designed to keep your cock on the edge, throbbing and dripping, for as long as you can stand. Stroke exactly as I say, and you will be cresting in no time at all…

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Download – Edge_Me_Please_-_Normal_Easy_Mystery.mp4

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