Dropouts pt 3: Valentina

We’re going back to the very origins of dropout hentai, and stunning Valentina Nappi is taking us on that journey. She’s the first dropout, see, there was a time when there was no one else, it was just her, in the darkness, body covered in scraps of clothing, cold and alone. It was nothing like the current iterations that you can see in the Dropouts pt 2 video.
Rightfully, she was pissed off, why, of everyone else, does she deserve this kind of treatment? Well, we may never know an answer to that question, although we can guess that she wasn’t quite the model citizen she thinks she was. However it was, now she’s here to face her judgment with an alien tentacle monster..
It all happened at a time when she was the only human thing the aliens could use for their entertainment. She’s shivering, and the sound of slimy, horny tentacocks approach her. She’s trying to keep her legs crossed as a couple of tentacles crawl on them, caressing her thighs in a manner that can’t be resisted.
The fear and dread start to fade away as she gets bound by the tentacles that restrain her movements. Then they open her legs up and slowly enter her vagina. Her face at first shows some signs of resentment, but the more she’s getting drilled, the looser she gets, eventually throwing an ahegao face.
That’s what we all want to see from dropout hentai, but it’s hardly the end of it. The aliens want to experiment further, they want to sodomize poor Valentina and spread her asshole. It’s unclear whether or not she has been taken like that before, but it’s perfectly understandable that these tentacles are going to show her all the beauty of anal sex.
One of them spreads her sphincter, she loosens up from the intense ecstasy that’s coursing through her body. She is met with a couple of horny tentacles inside her mouth. They facefuck sinful Valentina, going in and out of her oral cavity for what seems like hours, making her jaw ache from all the sucking.
Meanwhile, that bunghole is getting pounded hard, the arousal grows stronger by the minute. Suddenly the tentacle keeps going deeper, and deeper, and deeper. It goes all the way through Valentina’s booty hole, eventually exiting through her mouth, but not before it gets lubed with cum.
Her throat is tight, and her mouth is starting to fill up with jizz. It’s pure white, thick, and creamy, the most delicious dessert a girl could wish for. It retracts, and while it might seem like the cumming is over, she’s about to get her guts filled up with cum even more, so there’s a whole bunch of semen streaming out of her mouth, leaking out of her stretched bunghole, a dropout hentai that’s a sight to behold. Read Less
Alien All the way through Anal Creampie Tentacles
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