Oct 132021

Before Dolly and I took to the bedroom I had to ravage her up against the doorway, with some moody lighting, courtesy of Jim Slip. I think he could see that Dolly and I were totally into each other and wanted to prolong my wait for pleasure. I will remember this torment when Dolly comes back for a threesome in the future, my dear husband! Dolly was creaming her pussy as I plunged my hand back between her legs and pulled her hair tight. I made her walk on all fours to the bed, where in a moment of madness she tried to discard her shoes! We love girls in shoes and stockings on Laras Playground and how dare she take them off without asking! So for this simple mistake she was severely punished. She sure can take a spanking and I loved watching her jerk around on my fingers at the same time and making her cum like this. Of course I needed pleasuring, yet Dolly still managed to make sure she came again as I sat on her face and rode it – she’s just insatiable! Her tongue lapping at my pussy like a cat with a bowl of cream. Just look at her face after I remove myself, it’s a delight to see, all the juices running down it. I’m sure Dolly will be back in the future for some fun with both Jim and I and none of us can wait. To be honest I think Dolly will leave both of us in a crumpled heap in the corner, as she really is a true sex maniac. Maybe Jim and I might need extra back up. Any takers?
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn ,submission,humiliation,overpowered,facesitting,old vs young

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