Double Ass Smothering Ass Worship and Face Sitting With Mistresses Agma and Ju

The head of the slave is clamped on both sides by the asses of Mistresses Agma and Jucy and mummified with food film, forming a trap of asses for the ass-slave. The slave’s face is pressed between Mistress Agma’s buttocks, and Mistress Jucy’s buttocks press on the back of the slave’s head, increasing the penetration of his face to Mistress Agma’s asshole. The video begins with such an unusual double ass smothering femdom, which means today’s humiliation of a submissive guy. When the mean girls got tired of mocking the slave in this position – they freed him from the mummified trap so that he began to worship to their asses in both yoga pants and panties. After the slave has kissed, licked and sniffed the asses of the two Mistresses enough, it’s time to squeeze his face with the Mistresses’ asses by their full weight with the help of facesitting and double facesitting. The dominant girls began to sit down on the slave’s face, then at the same time two Dommes sat down on the face of the slave with their full weight, destroying him and smothering him. Also, the powerful bitches mocked the slave by ordering him to keep the balance of the Mistresses during the full-weight facesitting of each of the girls holding their legs while their asses sit on his face (like a human furniture slave).
ass fetish,femdom,ass licking,facesitting,female domination

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