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Dominant Lunch Date Pt 1 – Cherry Morgan

Dominant Lunch Date Pt 1 – Cherry Morgan
Mistress Cherry Morgan and Goddess Kylie Rogue decided to take a day off from corporal punishment at ClubDom, And get dressed up out of their normal latex and boots and just have a nice day together ,they are at a cafe waiting for a couple of cuckolding bitch boys to come and serve them for the day, The cocky male waiter keeps making rude sexual remarks as he practically eats them with his eyes and has made a few passes at them already, When Goddess Kylie says listen to me very carefully a Lew is it ? I get it you hit on a lot of women here and they fall for your bullshit, But I am going to explain something to you one time and one time only, You have know Idea who your fucking with, me and my friend Cherry would like you to serve us with a smile and proper manners, be nice and prompt but knock off with the bullshit because we will ruin your fucking day pal, Astonished the waiter Lew looks at Kylie and says oh but of course Madam maybe I can give you a little kiss and make up for my rudeness ? Just then Mistress Cherry smacks the bitch ass waiter right in the mouth and put him in a choke lock as Goddess Kylie pulls down his pants and bends the bitch over the table and the Ladies notice this ass clown has a pink butt plug shoved up his ass, They start laughing and then tie the slut down bent over the table and grab a couple of sticks and began a brutal caning as they teach this ass fuck some manners
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