Wondrous Woman (Mckenzie) pays for her good samaritan instincts with an abduction by the wicked Dr. Fauster (Lucy Westenra) and her genetic creation Freedom Smasher (Ariana Rogue). While the pair of rogues do not realize they’ve cornered Wonderous Woman herself thanks to a careful persona, the reveal is swiftly made as our Heroine makes ready to take the two to justice.

Unfortunately, Dr. Fauster’s file on Justice’s champion includes a few choice weaknesses that could be her downfall. What dark intent does the mad scientist harbor for the heroine? Will Wonderous Woman be able to fight her way to freedom? Or will she submit to the twisted willpower of the evil Doctor and her brutal henchwoman?

Find out, in Doctress! Our latest Custom Film!
-Nylons-Femdomme-Chloroform-Bondage-Beatdowns-Transformation-Power Theft-Body/Face Striking-Slapping-Truthtelling Lasso-Forced Oral-Groping-Orgasm Control-Low Blows-Training-Orgasm Harness-Stepping-Drugging-Hallucination-Ripped Hose-Sim Sex with Harness-Partial Nudity (Top)-Submission-Lapdance
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