Feb 092021

Detroit: Become Human FREE

Detroit: Become Human FREE
I desided to shoot this short cosplay video about PS4 game, because it become available on PC and many peoples who still not played into it, from now have opportuiny to do it. During this shooting, suddenly I understood terrifying thought, that in fact we don’t have niche of cosplay lewd videos in fact. We living in the era of piracy and tube sites. Costs are reduced as much as it only could be, no place for quality and good production left. Girls like me buying same cosplay suits, same wigs, and cat ears on the same sites (Amazon or Aliexpress), doing there clips at the same location where they probably are living at the same time and uploading content online on the tube and like MV sites in humble expectation to pay it off, before video would be riped and uploaded on torrents. Budget of this video is 550$ and in my point of view it’s already big step into right direction. Need 10x more to bring cosplay porn vids on a new quality level.
Categories: blowjob, Cosplay, parody Sex, Sexy Gamer, Short Hair,superheroine porn,superheroines fetish

Duration: 00:11:03 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 812.1 MB

Download – sup_-_0907_DETROIT_BECOME_HUMAN_FREE.mp4

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