Jan 182021

Demon Goddess J – Turning Average Joes into My Anal Hoes

Demon Goddess J – Turning Average Joes into My Anal Hoes
Lots of subs like to ask how I get my sissy hoes to take dick for me. The thing is. it really doesn’t matter what you think you want. Between my subtle manipulations and that built in YES button called a prostate, it’s easy as pie to get you sucking cock for me. No matter how hetero you are in day to day life. Something about my sweet voice and evil smile make it so easy for you to imagine deep anal stimulation turning you on. If a male thinks they’re only turned on by women, I lure them in with my titties and allow them to believe they’re doing it for my pleasure when we both know they’re learning to love that big fat veiny appendage they’re pleasuring. It’s almost as satisfying as turning over hard earned ca$h to my accounts! All it takes is a bit of one on one training, a little bit of mind control, and sluts like you become nothing more than a hard dick on a leash for me.
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