Demi Morgan – Masters Mark – Hot Bad Girl Complete Submission

Demi has heard that the artist that is working on her new ink is “the master’ so being that she loves “bad girl clout” she had to get work done by him.

When she see’s what he actually inked she goes nuts and even threatens to have her “tough guy” boyfriend come and beat up the artist. That’s about when she finds out why he is the master

Now that Demi has called her boyfriend and dumped him, and maid some less than nice break up videos she is ready to finally catch up on all the orgasms she hasn’t been having

Demi is a horny slut that could cum for hours but she also LOVES sucking cock (master says so after all) so she gives him the best head she’s ever given

Demi is lucky that the master can’t get his dick hard for her again quickly and finally gets to cum on a dick over and over like she needs too
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