Dava Foxx in Wunder Woman VS Revenge Crew (HD-1080p)

Scene One: Introducing Vixen

Mr. Tropical is in his office counting some money. “Where the Hell is Vixen with that ring?!” he asks himself. A moment later, Vixen walks in and she hands him the diamond artifact. “I believe this is what you requested,” she says to him. All of a sudden, Wunder Woman appears in Mr. Tropical’s office! “You’re going to pay for what you did to Super Girl and Charming Champion… AND for stealing that ring!” she tells him. Wunder Woman lifts Vixen up and throws her across the room; Then she chokes Mr. Tropical up against the wall and tells him that he is about to pay for everything he’s done! Vixen gets up and she kisses Wunder Woman on the lips… All of a sudden, Wunder Woman falls down on the couch. “That kiss I just gave you, stole all of your powers!” Vixen tells her. “Vixen is going to have some fun with you now! And when she’s done with you, High Frequency and I are both going to have some more fun with you!”

Mr. Tropical informs Wunder Woman before he walks out of the room. Vixen is left alone to have her way with Wunder Woman now! Vixen takes Wunder Woman’s face and she shoves it in between her big tits. She leans down to kiss her on the lips, and pull her outfit down below her tits. Vixen starts to lick and suck on Wunder Woman’s tits. Vixen lifts Wunder Woman’s skirt up and she licks her pussy for a few moments. Then Vixen stands up and unzips her own pants right where her pussy is; She sits on top of Wunder Woman’s face so she can eat her pussy. Vixen starts moaning “Oh yes! Make me cum! Let me show you how it’s done…” Vixen leans over in to the 69 position so she can eat Wunder Woman’s pussy at the same time that she is getting her pussy eaten. Then Vixen gets in between Wunder Woman’s pussy and she starts to scissor her until she eventually cums hard! Vixen takes Wunder Woman’s crown off of her head and she places it on her own head… Then she leaves Wunder Woman lying half naked on the couch…

Scene Two: Mind Blown

Wunder Woman is sitting on the ground when High Frequency launches his super sonic voice at the unsuspecting super heroine. “What was that?!” she asks herself. Mr. Tropical walks in to the room and informs her that High Frequency is going to come have some fun with her, since she is a super slut now! Mr. Tropical walks out of the room and High Frequency walks in. He pulls his pants down right away, revealing his huge cock! He pushes Wunder Woman down on her knees and puts his hard cock in her mouth. She starts to give him a blowjob while he tells her what a slut she is! He tells her to push her big tits together so he can titty fuck her. “I need my powers back! I need to save the world!” she tells him. He shoves his cock back in her mouth, to get her to be quiet. He cums in her mouth and she swallows all of his cum. “Now go out, Wunder Slut!” he tells her, as he launches his super sonic voice again. She instantly lies down on the couch and her eyes close…

Scene Three: Humiliation of Wunder Slut

Wunder Woman is lying on the couch half naked when she wakes up. “I have to put my clothes back on,” she tells herself. She notices that her crown is next to her. “Oh, Thank God!” she says, as she realizes she has her powers back. All of a sudden, High Frequency launches his super sonic voice again and Wunder Woman falls back down on the couch. “Did you miss me?!” he asks her, as he walks in to the room. “You’re not going to get away with this!” she exclaims. He starts to lick and suck on her nipples while he rubs her pussy with his fingers. He pushes her to her knees so she can give him a blowjob. Then he shoves her back on the couch in the missionary position so he can fuck her tight pussy! She tries to get away, but he grabs her and pulls her back over to him. He fucks her pussy while calling her a slut. “I’m not a slut!” she exclaims. He flips her over in to the doggystyle position so he can fuck her pussy from behind. “Once I get my powers back, this will never happen again!” she tells him. He lifts her up and puts her on top of his cock, so she can ride him in the cowgirl position. “This is so disgusting! You won’t get away with this!” she exclaims. “I know you love it! You love that dick!” he tells her. “No, I don’t!” she yells back at him. He tells her to switch in to the reverse cowgirl position and ride that cock some more. He makes her get down on her knees so he can jerk his cock off on to her face. Wunder Woman is so disgusted as he cums all over her face and in her mouth!

Scene Four: Wunder Whore Impregnated

Wunder Woman is still wiping the cum off of her face when Mr. Tropical walks in to the room with her lasso in his hands. “That’s my lasso! Where did you find it?!” she asks him. He puts the lasso around her throat and he tells her that the revenge crew has their ways! “Let’s go to my bedroom and have some fun!” he tells her. She complies with him, since she doesn’t have any of her powers right now. Mr. Tropical ties her hands together and lies her down on the bed. “Why don’t you touch yourself while I take my pants off?” he asks her. He hops on to the bed and he shoves his cock in her mouth. After she gives him a blowjob, he shoves his cock in her pussy. “I don’t want your cock! I just want my powers back!” he tells her. He leans down to suck on her nipples while he is fucking her in the missionary position. He flips her over on to her stomach and he fucks her pussy from behind. “You’re not going to get away with this!” she exclaims. She keeps begging for her powers back and he tells her that she is just a mortal now! He flips her back in to the missionary position and he fucks her pussy with his hand around her neck. He keeps fucking her until he creampies her pussy! His cum starts dripping out of her pussy and he tells her that she is no longer a super hero, but she is now a pregnant MILF! Wunder Woman starts to break down in tears… “I want my powers back!!!” she screams.
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