Dark Ma1den: The Trap, Pt 1

Dark Ma1den (Ashley Lane), ally to the Dark Avenger, is sent to investigate a report of a drug deal in progress. Little does she know that the it was a trap set for the Dark Avenger, himself! Dark Maiden now faces two of the Dark Avengers greatest foes, Mercy and Professor Nightmare. And these villains want to use her to send a message to the Dark Avenger; Sending sidekicks to fight in his place will not be tolerated! After being defeated, Dark Maiden is bound to a chair, as the villain known as Mercy taunts her as he makes a ransom video to send to her mentor, The Dark Avenger! Mercy humiliates her on camera as he gropes her relentlessly, and threatens to unmask her! This film includes voiceovers, groping, unmasking, bondage, and more!
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Duration : 00:23:40
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