Daisy Ducati vs Shawn Fox

This match is the quintessential sex fight between two of the best sex-fighting athletes the world has ever seen. Shawn Fox has been barreling through our female sex gladiators but today he faces the greatest sex fighter of all time, Daisy, Lethal Legs, Ducati. Shawn dominates with wrestling but lacks the ability to score sex points. Daisy shines with sex wrestling so she is able to even up the score by being the more sexually aggressive athlete today. This match does go to a tiebreaker and these two are really going at it. Each athlete uses even ounce of seduction they have on their opponent. One wrestler cums hard on the mat, their hips being held down by their opponent who is performing oral on them. The winner takes their time with their prize. When a match is this close, a brutal fucking is in order. The winner fucks the loser against the wall, rimming their asshole before they fuck the loser hard, fast, and relentlessly.
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