Jan 012021

Daisy Ducati vs Leya Falcon

Daisy Ducati vs Leya Falcon
Daisy Ducati has the record for most orgasms inflicted during wrestling. She is arguably, the greatest sex fighter of all time. She makes nearly ALL of her opponents cum on the mats but she is also known to have lost from cuming on the mats as well. Leya Falcon knows she’s out skilled here today. She knows all about Daisy’s legs and how lethal they are But Leya has also done her homework and knows that Daisy has a weakness for getting choked and by being seduce by sexual gladiators and losing by orgasm. Daisy completely dominates Leya in rounds 1 and 2. Daisy puts a submission clinic on for Leya who succumbs to Daisy’s power. Round 3 Leya sees a chance to get an instant victory. She lets Daisy sit on her face and she starts licking her pussy so good that Daisy is close to cumming. There is Absolutely and Orgasm on the Mat in round 3. The winner face fucks the loser until she slobbers all over the winner cock. The Winner fucks every hole the loser has, mouth, pussy and ass are all destroyed. Winner does a victory pose with her foot over the losers mouth.
Anal, Facesitting, Fingers In The Pussy, Kissing, Strap On Fucking, Tribbing, Winner Fucks Loser
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