May 072021

Daisy Ducati VS Lauren Phillips

Daisy Ducati VS Lauren Phillips
Daisy Ducati has been on a roll. She’s fucking girls up and then fuck them. Daisy is a tall strong Amazon with some Lethal Legs and some dangerous, Cum draining fingers. Today Daisy meets her match with another Goddess Amazon. The Stunning, voluptuous, busty, red head, Lauren Phillips is here for a lesbian match. Lauren is so strong that she is able to rock Daisy off of her multiple times. Lauren’s Tits are so huge that she is able to grab Daisy’s head and smother her with those dangerous melons. Both of these girls take their turns feeding the ample breasts to their opponent with a little added smother with them. This match goes the distance. The Winner strap on fucks the loser and uses her face to cum.
Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Kissing LEZDOM Lesbian Domination,Catfight Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser humiliation strapon

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