Cyber’s Experiments

This video follows the various setbacks of two superheroines, Wonder Tilly and Wonder Zoey. Villain Professor Cyber decides to experiment with the two superheroines and see if the lotion he confiscated from Stellar Girl actually works. First he tries it on Wonder Tilly, he disrobes Wonder Tilly down to her pantyhose, rubs lotion all over her, then fights her. Cyber is surprised by how well the lotion works. About to be completed defeated by Wonder Tilly Cyber is rescued by Cane, a cyborg of his creation (from the Wonder Zoey series) by using Cyber’s favorite anti-Amazonian weapon, his famous taser. Now, Cyber decides to try the same thing with Wonder Zoey and Cane. Cane rubs lotion all over Zoey and disrobes her. Wonder Zoey completely dominates Cane. Cyber returns the favor and rescues Cane. Now Cyber orders Zoey and Tilly to fight. Winner will be released. Tilly and Zoey square off, however neither one of them want to win. Out of selflessness, Zoey wants to lose because she thinks she can easily escape (as she did before). Then Tilly can be freed, and go tell the Amazonian sisterhood all she learned during her captivity. Tilly want to lose because Zoey is a better fighter and once she is freed she can lead a rescue mission ( as she did before). The fight features their topless bodies rolling around trying to get into the scissor hold of the other one. Cyber is not pleased. He stops the fight and declares a winner. The loser stays with Cyber. However, Cyber does not fully commit to his promise of freeing the winner. Watch what Cyber has in store for the winner, and see how she uses it.
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