Cupcake Sinclair & Dixie Comet / Bot Maid Turns Fem Dom

Cupcake arrives at her job as a housekeeper and is surprised to find that they’ve brought in one of those new fangled robot maids. At first she’s worried of being replaced but soon realizes that this robot may actually make her job easier. She powers her up and starts her off on an easy task of making her a cup of coffee. The Bot Maid serves her beverage flawlessly and so Cupcake proceeds to instruct it in further cleaning tasks. As the robot puts away dishes and does the dusting, Cupcake is quite surprised to find that it’s outfit is extremely revealing and that it’s anatomy seems to be quite lifelike. As she reaches in to give the Bot Maids bare ass a squeeze and marvel at how sexy it is, her non-consensual touch sets the robot off into a fit of malfunction. As Cupcake tries to figure out how to reboot it, the robot abruptly stands, spins around and says, "now accessing Sex Bot module."

Cupcake is intrigued and thinks she might be able to have a little fun time with the sexy robot but it turns out the Sex Bot module it is installed with is a FemDom one. Before she can turn it off, the Sex Bot has turned on Cupcake and backed her up against the kitchen counter. With it’s incredible strength it pulls out her tits, pulls down her panties and pulls up her dress. With a series of whirs and clicks it’s strap-on module reveals itself and to her surprise Cupcake is being entered from behind by the sexy robot penis. The robot fucks Cupcake until she cums and then throws her down on her knees to suck it’s cock. Cupcake finally manages to find the reset button and the robot powers off just before face fucking her. A startled Cupcake makes a run for it as the robot reboots and turns itself on all over again.
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