Cry for the Hood Moon

I am not sure if Mercy West knew what they were getting themselves into, but I know that they really trust me, and so they were willing to put themselves in my hands Elise Graves is a control freak. Not the kind that would typically spring to mind, but rather, the kind of person who feeds off others giving her control. Her pussy gets wet from Mercy being bound to a chair. Elises pussy gets wetter after the hood goes over Mercys head. Elise can hardly contain her joy as Mercy learns to deal with the struggle during this time. Of course, Elise makes it more challenging for Mercy by fondling Mercys body and sexually stimulating them. Props to Mercy for being so willing, so trusting, so beautiful!
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,submission,humiliation,bondage,bdsm,forced orgasm

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