Nov 292020

Cruel Girlfriend – Mila Amora – Permanently Limpotent

Cruel Girlfriend – Mila Amora – Permanently Limpotent
What if I were to make you permanently limpotent sissy? What if I had a proven technique that made beta wimps like you unable to achieve an erection ever again? Unable to jerk off, unable to fuck and unable to achieve an orgasm? What if I knew how to make your useless cock limp for the rest of your life and I decided to do it to you? Would you cry? Boo hoo right in front of me at the thought of never having the ability to get hard ever again? Would you feel humiliated and emasculated knowing your final crumbs of masculinity have been destroyed? Or would you embrace your new limpotent life and become a full sissy – submitting yourself to a life of humiliation to whoever I decide – male or female? My technique involves an extremely prolonged and restrictive period of chastity. I’m talking about locking your cock away for years not months. You’ll be caged inside a small, tight chastity device with no room to grow and no way of removing it. Whilst in chastity you will be given a heavy dose of limp-pills daily. Your balls will shrink and your cock will become smaller, softer and will, over time, lose all ability to become erect. The technique is irreversible. Once you have been made limpotent you’ll never be able to get an erection again. You’ll still have all the feelings of arousal you’ve ever had – in fact in most cases more but you’ll have no ability to do anything about it. Your cock will drool precum, but you’ll never be able to get hard or cum. The closest you’ll get to an orgasm is from being fucked anally – you’ll find some pleasure, but you’ll be unable to climax. You’ll be a perfect limpotent sissy for life.
Sissy training,mind fuck,brainwash,forced bi,anal masturbation

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