Creep Conquers Helena

Helena enters an abandoned warehouse, a purported hideout for a creep that has been stalking, raping and strangling young women in the local area. Disguised as the creeps ideal target, she draws him out and then takes him on. Unfortunately, he is stronger than her, and she fails. In trouble, she hopes to survive the ordeal and summits to a brutal sexual assault and humiliation–all streamed to his sicko fanbase. In the end, he strangles her until she is unconscious and leaves her to live another day.

But Helena cannot let this pass and several days later, she returns, geared up and ready to take him down for real. This time, the man grovels at her feet, but it is only a ruse and a fight ensues. They struggle and just as she is about to get her weapon and take him out for good–he brains her with a cast iron skillet. This is devastating and takes all the fight out or her. Now, he possesses her weapon and streams live video with his phone as he orders her to strip and ultimately submit to him.

Humiliation upon humiliation as Helena must bend to this mans will. Opportunities to get her crossbow back are missed during the long episode of rape and degradation. In a Hail Mary, she bits his cock, but nothing seems to slow him down and he has her in his sights, using her own crossbow, he is ready to end her. But she begs and begs and pleads and pisses herself until he relents. He pushes her up against the fence, fucks her more, then back to some other positions until finally, he has her in reverse cowgirl and grabs her throat. He takes his sweet time fucking her and hand strangling the life out of her. She slowly dies and when finally, she is just a blank staring, floppy, limp, shell of a failed superhero bitch, he empties his load deep inside her cunt.

He pushes her corpse off of him and then spends a few minutes streaming images of her dead, destroyed body to his fans. Later, he snuggles up next to her cooling corpse for a nice long well-deserved nap after such hard work.

Role Play & Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Attack, Superheroine, Sexual Assault, Fighting, Beating, Hit in the Head, Bladder Release X2, Disheveled Clothing, Humiliation, Crying, Begging, Hand Strangling non-Fatal, Unconscious, Forced BJ, Forced Sex, Hand Strangling, Stripping, Boots, Body Views, Foot Views.
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