Cory Chase – Super Gurl vs Lex Loothor

“Super Gurl is going down” Lex Loothor says to himself as Super Gurl bursts into his room. With her super strength she throws him to the bed. “I’m here to take you in” she says, grabbing him by the balls. But Lex knows something that will keep him out of prison, Super Gurl’s secret identity. If she wants to protect her friends and family she will have to do whatever Lex wants.

“You’re going to get on your knees and you’re going to suck my cock” He commands. With a look of anger and disgust she reluctantly does as she’s told. “Is there anything else I can do” She pleads. He makes her suck and transforms her into his super whore. He pushes her onto the bed and fucks her tight wet pussy, making her moan against her will. “No!” She screams as he presses his hard wet cock against her tight little asshole and fucks her in the most humiliating way. With his dirty cock he makes her finish him in her sweet mouth, drinking every last drop of his disgusting cum. She gags as she swallows and leaves broken and defeated, to crawl out of Lex’s penthouse.
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