Cory Chase in Brain Drain Chronicles

Scene One: Bat Gurl Vs Brain Drain
Daisy has been called into the school’s counselors office. “I’ve been noticing you having problems with classes” The counselor says. Seems like Daisy has been working a lot at her after school job and she’s failing classes. Too bad for Daisy that the counselor knows her real job as Batgurl, and she’s not really a counselor but the villain Brain Drain.
The longer Daisy looks into Brain Drain’s eyes the more confused she becomes. “Something’s not right” Batgurl says but it’s too late and she’s under Brain Drain’s control. She makes Daisy put on her uniform before completing Bat Gurl’s mind wipe. Bat Gurl’s now just a puppet, to be commanded and used by Brain Drain and to be added to her super heroine collection.
Scene Two: Brain Drain Vs. Wunder Woman
“You’re coming with me Brain Drain!” Wunder Woman shouts. Clicking her magic bracelets together she deflects Brain Drain’s powers. But the longer she tries to fight it the weaker Wunder Woman becomes. Soon her thoughts begin to slow. She panics but it’s too late and her arms fall limply to her sides.
What a dumb super heroine, thinking her bracelets would be enough to stop Brain Drain from taking over the world. Brain Drain brings her to the couch to play with. She takes off her magic tiara and places her hands on Wunder Woman’s temples, using her powers to melt Wunder Woman’s brain into a pool of placid acceptance. “You are going to become my truest slave” Brain Drain whispers to her, pulling down her top and playing with her Wunder tits. She reacts to her body’s impulses, her hands tied behind her back and her clit played with. Her arrogance has led her to transforming into a sex slave for the rest of her life.
Scene Three: Brain Drain recruits an Assistant
Brain Drain now has over 15 Super Hero’s and Super Villain’s under her control. Cory may be skilled and talented by these are too many assets for one Super Villain to manage. Brain Drain places an add in the local paper for an Assistant, there were many applicants but Krissy was the Hottest.
Dressed for the job and Resume in hand, Krissy is interviewed by Brain Drain. After a quick discussion of her skills, Krissy is informed what the duties are for this job. Before she could say “No”, Brain Drain begins to turn on the spell. Krissy’s mind begins to melt, although she attempts to fight the control.
Brain Drain begins to fill Krissy’s head with triggers and controls as her mind is completely brainwashed… Brain Drain now has the highly trained and skilled Assistant to grow her Female Training Organization.
Scene Four: Brain Drain Recruits a Cop
Having super heroes is useful but what Brain Drain really needs is a cop on her side. She spent weeks scouting police officers until she found the perfect woman to transform into her plaything.
“It doesn’t look like there was a break it” Officer Fox says wanting to know the real reason she was called to investigate. “I called you here for another reason… now just relax. That’s a good girl, look into my eyes” Brain Drain commands. Officer Fox shakes her head as her thoughts slow and her brain is melted. She can’t think and she feels so weird as the woman crawls across the table towards her.
Officer Fox smiles a dumb little smile as her face is pressed into Brain Drain’s big tits. She licks and sucks on them, unaware of what she’s really doing. “You’ll be under my complete control” Brain Drain whispers to her as she opens up Officer Fox’s shirt and plays with her perfect tits. She pushes her down on the counter and gets herself off on the dim witted police officer. Now completely broken Brain Drain gives her toy a kiss before sending her back to the world to be called upon when needed. Now the hottest little slut on the force.
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