Cory Chase in Bad Week for Super Gurl

Scene One: Hello Bane
Supergurl is watching TV when Bane bursts in. He grabs her by the neck and pins her to the wall, choking and punching her. You’ll never get away with this She says as he pulls up her uniform. Supergurl is powerless to stop him from groping her body, he’s just too strong. I’m going to fuck you before I destroy you Bane says and rips off her clothes. He brings her to the ground and forces his cock into her mouth. If I can only keep him busy, batman with find me Supergurl thinks. She fights but it’s hopeless and he uses her mouth like a whore.
He brings her to her bedroom, throwing her to the bed and making her give him a footjob. Supergurl is so humiliated as he rams a dildo into her ass, making her scream. Then the fucking begins. Supergurl has never been fucked by someone who’s stronger than her and it makes her shatter inside. She screams when he fucks her tight ass hole. Every part of her body is violated and humiliated. Supergurl has to lick his disgusting balls when he jerks his load all over her. He leaves her a crying mess on the bed.
Scene Two: Return of Dr. Perv
Just completing a workout Supergurl will never let someone be stronger than her again. She grabs her protein shake and drinks. Soon she feels that something is wrong… she begins to choke, what’s happening to her. That’s when Dr. Perv walks in. I thought you were in jail! She yells in terror. He’s mixed kryptonite into her drink and now it’s time for his payback!
He gags her and brings her weak body into her bedroom. Pushing her onto the bed he strips her panties and violates her with his fingers. Supergurl can’t let this happen again, but she’s so weak. Taking a vibrator he makes her cum like a little slut. What the fuck do you want Dr. Perv! She yells as he forces her to suck him. He fucks her pussy and makes her suck then he fucks her ass and makes her suck. She’s so disgusted and used, she hates herself for letting this happen. He cums all over her face as she’s on the verge of tears, leaving her too weak to even get up from the bed.
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