Aug 132020

Corrupted By Madame Midnight 3: The Uncorruptable

Corrupted By Madame Midnight 3: The Uncorruptable
Madame Midnight has successfully transformed Silver Sparrow into a mindless supervillain sex slave that she calls Resin and has complete control over her. Unfortunately she hasn’t had the same luck with Goldfinch who is too strong and keeps overcoming her spells. So she has her locked up in her dungeon and sends her pet to go ‘take care of the problem.’ When Resin confronts Goldfinch in the dungeon to complete her task, Goldfinch appeals to her, certain that her old partner is still in there somewhere. Sure enough, the strength of their partnership is able to dispell Madame Midnights magic and Silver Sparrow snaps out of her trance. The two partners quickly come up with a plan to defeat Madame Midnight once and for all with Silver Sparrow pretending to carry out her mission but leaving Goldfinch only stunned and then distracting Madame Midnight with a taste of her sweet pussy while Goldfinch escapes and regroups to save Silver Sparrow. Madame Midnight seems to fall for their deception and enjoys getting her mouth on Silver Sparrows pussy and giving her a powerful orgasm before presenting her own pussy for Silver Sparrow’s tongue to return the favor. But in the end, it is Silver Sparrow that is duped again as Madame Midnight post-coitally traps her in an energy field to use as bait so she can be prepared when Goldfinch returns.
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