Conflict Resolution 4K

Starring Hazel
Billy peers through the lens of his video camera, sweat dripping down his forehead. “Come on, you little bitch, show me that tight little body!” he mutters, zooming in for a close-up as he pleases himself with his free hand. Suddenly he exclaims “Shit!” and ducks behind the curtains as he realizes he’s been spotted by his target. Moments later there’s a sharp knock on his front door.

Billy closes his robe and sets the camera down in the corner to record the living room as the angry knocking continues. As soon as he answers the door, Cassie shoves past him into the apartment, chest heaving, she confront him about his sick behavior then notices his erection is clearly visible. Cassie scoffs and slaps the pervert across the face. “Pretty girls aren’t just here for your gratification, you loser incel!” she berates him. Suddenly lunging out and grabbing Cassie by the throat.

Cassie’s demeanor instantly changes to terror as she tries to scramble away, but Billy drags her back and straddles her, pinning her wrists above her head. Cassie bucks and twists beneath him, panic flooding her senses as she is forcibly stripped of her jogging attire. “Stop,” Cassie sobs. “Please, just stop!” She tries to scramble up and dart for the door, but Billy catches her by the arm and backhands her across the face to drop her to her knees.

The creep grabs Cassie by the hair and roughly fucks her throat, threatening to break her neck if she bites him. Ignoring her feeble slaps, Billy makes her deep throat him, gagging her until she almost passes out. He finally pulls her off and drags her onto towards the couch. “Please, stop! I … I know Wonder Girl! She’ll make you pay for this!” Cassie threatens. Billy laughs at her pathetic bluff. “Sure you do, bitch. Time to see what happens to cockteases that don’t know their place!” he taunts, frightening her so much that she pisses all over his couch. Billy is disgusted, but undeterred from raping his sexy neighbor in multiple positions.

Billy forces her into a doggy style position, and grabs her hair to yank her head up so her eyes are level with the camera. “Smile, bitch, we’re making a porno!” he gloats, making Cassie wail in horror. Holding both Cassie’s arms behind her back with one hand, Billy begins spanking her, forcing Cassie to say that she loves being raped. After finishing inside her, he shoves the bawling girl to the floor and bends down to whisper in her ear, “Tell anyone about this and I’ll make sure this video goes viral. Now get the fuck out of here. And cover yourself up, you whore!” He tosses his robe at Cassie, who hastily wraps herself in it before running sobbing out the door.

Days later, Billy is on his bed nude, masturbating to the video he took of himself raping Cassie. “Fuck yeah, I owned that stuck-up bitch!” he groans as he relives his moment of triumph. Suddenly his door is kicked open, and Wonder Girl strides in. Billy is shocked at first to see the famous teen superheroine, then realization slowly dawns that she is Cassie. She grabs his dick and threatens to rip it off as he begs for mercy. The vengeful heroine begins to slowly choke her victim, relishing being the one in control now. But he uses her distraction to get the upper hand by suddenly grabbing Wonder Girl’s lasso off her waist and tying her wrists together.

With her powers neutralized by her own weapon, the heroine is now at Billy’s mercy as he takes his time sexually tormenting her, first stripping her costume off and fondling her body before making her give him a lap dance, and finally putting the humiliated girl over his lap to spank her until she’s in tears. Billy lies back and begins recording again as he forces Wonder Girl to blow him as she sobs pitifully. He then rapes her in multiple positions, shoving the phone in her face and taunting the whimpering heroine to make her treatment as degrading as possible. Midway through the assault, Wonder Girl manages to free her wrists and try to turn the tables, but Billy simply overpowers her to continue the rape. He wraps the lasso around her throat and chokes her with it by pulling back while fucking her doggy style as she claws at the rope, until he finally climaxes inside her and releases his grip. Wonder Girl raggedly sucks in air, sobbing as she realizes she’s not done yet.

Billy then leads the defeated heroine to the basement, where he prepares to hang her from the ceiling with her own lasso. As he records her final moments, the broken Amazon begs and pleads for her life. “I’ll be your slave! You can rape me whenever you want, just let me live!” she pathetically pleads as he starts to hoist her in the air. Wonder Girl slowly chokes to death as she sways from the ceiling, all caught on Billy’s snuff video.

She struggles and jiggles, drool cascading from her lips down her torso as she slowly suffocates. After a long, slow struggle, it is finally over and she just stares blankly as Billy records her lifeless corpse. Later, she is sprawled on the floor, void of essence, a red bruise under her next; a life cut short. A life was waisted on conflict that for her, only lead to one resolution. Expiration.
Role Play & Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Sexual Assault, Attack, Punching, Slapping, Dragging, Superheroine, Forced Sex, Fighting, Bladder Release, Clothes Ripping, Stripping, Humiliation, Begging, Hand Choking, Peeing, Forced BJ, Drool, Forced Sex, Boots stay on, Hanging, Body Views, Foot Views.
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