Dec 282020

[ClubStiletto] Mistress Kandy – Hubby is Now My Sissy Cash Cow (Nov 02, 2020)

[ClubStiletto] Mistress Kandy – Hubby is Now My Sissy Cash Cow (Nov 02, 2020)
When Mistress Kandy tires of her small dick loser husband, she manipulates him into taking hormones and accepting transition as her submissive sissy slut. As this scene opens, Kandy already has the slut’s face covered in cum, which is the result of performing her first blowjob on the guy in the next hotel room, which Kandy has arranged for hubby’s sexual encounters. It’s a run-down low budget place but it’s the perfect room in which to service men while keeping expenses low.
Kandy fucks her slut, on her back and all fours, and verbally degrades ‘her’ the entire time, as she explains how she’ll be trained to eventually service at least 20 men a day. "I don’t want any complaints, so you have to make sure you do whatever they say," she tells her. Sissy really thrusts back at Kandy’s rubber cock, and it’s evident she’s anxious to feel hot loads of cum filling her asscunt hour after hour, day after day. Kandy looks directly at you and asks, “Do you want to fuck her?”. Or maybe you’d prefer to take the sissy’s place!
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