Clubdom – Alexis Grace & Dahlia Rain – Toy for Two Sadists

Alexis Grace has been showing visiting Mistress Dahlia Rain around the estate. Alexis and Dahlia have been having a fun afternoon chasing around their man-toy, wacking him with their canes as he crawls around faster and faster for his owners. The slave is terrified because he is the most beaten slave on the compound and he knows today will not be any different, and any second now, the women are going to turn things up several notches. Sure enough, the women stop him and force him to bend over as they both cane him and mark him up, laughing the entire time and telling him to shut up and take it.
They haven’t finished yet as the slave is in for more torment, they decide to strip off their corsets, and strap-on some big black cocks. Alexis is going to show Dahlia just how fucking slaves is done here at Club Dom. Alexis goes first, fucking the slave hard and deep. Dahlia watches in amazement and soon it is her turn and buries her cock deep inside of him. Alexis reminds her that the night is young, meaning there may be more tormenting of slaves in store. This makes Dahlia very happy as she is enjoying her new-found love of using men for her pleasure here at Club Dom.
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