Nov 172021

Christiana is the biggest bitch in the company. She uses her looks and her position to dominate everyone around her.Secretary: Mr Masters is still waiting to see you, Miss Cinn.
Christiana: Tell him I am finishing a call. [15 minutes later] Okay, send him in.
Masters: Did I have the wrong appointment time? I have been waiting for over 30 minutes.
CHRISTIANA: Relax Matterson, I run the entire HR department here now. If you have to wait on me, you wait.
MASTERS: It’s “Masters,” and I have a job to do, too.
CHRISTIANA: Well Mathews, whether you have a job or not is actually depending on how this review goes.
MASTERS: “Masters”
CHRISTIANA: Whatever. Listen, company policy is that we have three of these meetings, but I can tell you, I might start putting a resume together if I were you.
MASTERS: A resume? I am the most efficient manager here.
CHRISTIANA: Well, your “efficiency” seems to have your female staff either making sexual harassment complaints or seeming unusually happy before having some kind of breakdown.
MASTERS: I don’t know-
CHRISTIANA: I’m going to stop you there Mattock; consider this the first review. We’re done. [After he leaves, she gets on her phone…]Day 2
CHRISTIANA: Okay, send him in.
MASTERS: You had me waiting for an hour! This is bull-
CHRISTIANA: [Holding up her hand] Please, please Mittens, use profanity at me so I can just skip this review process and terminate you.
MASTERS: I am sorry, I know you are just doing your job, I even got you a gift [spins wheel]
CHRISTIANA: Really? A bribe?
MASTERS: No, it’s just this is something I use to help me RELAX
CHRISTIANA’s eyes start to focus on the wheel. The training continues over the next three days…
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