Jan 142021

Cheyenne Jewel vs Kelli Provocateur

Cheyenne Jewel vs Kelli Provocateur
Kelli Provocateur has been on a terror. She is one of the smallest wrestlers we have but she is fierce for her size. If you saw the arm wrestling match between Cheyenne and Kelli, you saw how equal in strength these two athletes are regardless of the big size advantage that Cheyenne has. Cheyenne has all natural "farm" girl strength that comes from Baling Hay, riding horses and dominating dudes in session wrestling. She gets her hands full with Kelli today. Kelli is a stick of dynamite that could explode at any moment. And when I say explode, I mean she is about to explode in orgasm. This girl arrived on set so damn horney she was humping our grappling dummy stuffed with sand. She had to rub a few Os out between rounds. She nearly cums in round 1 but she is saved by the clock. Cheyenne nearly sprains her arms trying to vigorously finger this sexy provocative wrestler. Kelli knows the ONLY way she can win is if she can make Cheyenne cum in round 3. One of these wrestlers does cum in round 3 after she tries so hard not to. The winner is just too much sexual energy for her. The Loser must worship the muscles of the winner and take her cock.
Featuring: Cheyenne Jewel , Kelli Provocateur
Tags: Body Scissors, Facesitting,Lezdom,Lesbian Domination,Catfight,Humiliation,Kissing, Leg Scissor Strapon, Lift And Carry,Winner Fucks Loser

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