Charlotte Stokely – Degradation Destiny

I’m lady of the lake and I will now tell you your destiny. That feeling of arousal in your peasant loins is the spell taking effect. Your hand will not stop stroking your peasant cock until the ritual Is completed. You will have immortality! You will need it to endure the path you will be set out on. It is your destiny that you will be the lowliest servant in the land. You will have the uncontrollable urge to serve as the most degraded and humiliated servant in history. You will be able to endure severe beatings by the hands of the princess and her court. You will have a hunger for the mud from her riding boots and the waste from her toilet. You will be able to eat full logs of her brown $hit and survive. You have been given the ability to make sad and horrible expressions on your face as you eat it. Your expressions will serve as entertainment for the royals to laugh at you and mock you. Although you will get horribly sick, the spell will renew you each morning.
verbal humiliation,joi,sissy

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