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Layla Sin, PENTHOUSE PET OF THE YEAR, and for a good reason, her amazing beauty but this lady is much more than a beauty she has so much charisma and so so much sex appeal. Look, Xtreme is very fortunate that so many of our ladies truly love having sex with each other and none more than Layla, yes this lady loves women and sex and she’s about to prove it. When talking about women who love sex one of the first on that list is Angela Sommers, oh does this beauty love her sex – so here we have two gorgeous ladies that both love sex and Angela is the reigning queen of sex fighting – she even starts this match with a tiara on showing she is the one to beat. Layla challenges her but when it looks like Angela is about to attack, she does but it’s with her tongue as she begins a deep kissing attack on the sexy brunette and do their wet tongues love playing with each other. The sex fight rages and soon we are treated to their amazing naked bodies as Angela hits Layla hard many times till she is stunned and on the ground where Angela can begin her sex attack, split those tan legs apart, dip that finger deep into her warm pussy, tongue her along the lips of that pussy then deep goes the tongue. Layla orgasms and gets energy, soon she is choking the amazing blonde and once she has her subdued she goes after her wet center, she so loves dipping her long wet tongue deep into her juicy pussy. Back and forth the battle rages with hits, chokes, and holds always ending with hot, hot sex. Each even takes her turn at tribbing, both have such joy rubbing their wet pussies together; rub, pull, grind – hotter and hotter they go till orgasms are found. And found they are, yes, yes, yes – they let it go, and they let it go because they so love sex – and you will so love them !!!!!!
tags:catfight,lesbian domination,lezdom,female wrestling,pussy fingering

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Ariel X going up against Karlie Montana, oh and do these two get down into it with their tough wrestling and even tougher sex. Ariel is angry that she doesn’t have an opponent when Karlie attacks her because they are in different gangs, Karlie is part of the Rough Riders and Ariel is on the X team and they are both out to prove who is the best. Wild is the fighting as both of them get stripped and each takes her turn ramming fingers and tongues into wet pussies, they bend each other over so access is more sexually viable. Then Ariel takes over and oh does she go after sweet Karlie, at one time she sits on Karlie’s face making her orally pleasure her while she pulls her legs up and puts her finger deep in Karlie’s juicy center. Next comes the bedroom and that strap-on, and if you have never seen Ariel with a strap-on than you have never seen it used to it’s full extent, slam from the side, missionary and her favorite doggie – sex they both end up getting off on. Are we done, oh no – not till Ariel takes her to the shower !! Beautiful sexy bodies with almost an hour of wild sex driven fighting and many more fabulous match ups to come – enjoy, this one is HOT !!!!!
tags:catfight,lesbian domination,lezdom,female wrestling,strapon, strap-on,humiliation

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Marina Angel Loves Lesbian Domination & Sybian with Esmi Lee

Marina Angel Loves Lesbian Domination & Sybian with Esmi Lee

The cute and kinky Marina Angel loves lesbian domination and has proven to be quite the obedient sex slave. Mistress Esmi Lee steps right up to direct a session with a focus on constant orgasms. The infamous sybian fucking machine is prepped at once. Of course, Marina will be bound to it with leather wrist and ankle cuffs as a dildo-on-a-stick in shoved in her mouth for an endless deepthroat blowjob. Esmi uses her big black strapon dildo for fucking later on. She’s quite good at having hardcore BDSM fun with bondage, rough sex, spanking, slapping tits, biting nipples, smacking, whipping, deep penetration, constant orgasms and more sex toys. The ending to this particular video will make you cock explode. Esmi squirts all over her submissive slut’s face, making Marina drink every last drop.
tags:lezdom,lesbian domination , pussy fingering,strapon, strap-on,humiliation

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Size: 1.83 GiB
Duration: 00:32:16
Resolution : h264, yuv420p, 1280×720, 29.97 fps(r) (eng)
Format: MP4

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