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Catch And Release Part 1 – Andrea Rosu & Bella Rossi

Catch And Release Part 1 – Andrea Rosu & Bella Rossi
Andrea Rosu is stretched in a standing spread eagle and struggling. Her legs are tethered by a spreader bar, and high heeled legs don’t allow much movement. Her Domme arrives and whips her from behind. Each sting causes her to yell out in agony, arching her back and begging for release. Bella Rossi is cold to her pleas and continues f******g her if only to see her chest heave in exertion.
After hearing her screams, Bella decides that it is time to insert a ballgag in her large mouth. The mmmphs are so sexy as Andrea’s red lips wrap around the huge gag.
After playing with her body, Bella removes the gag so she can hear Andrea squeals as she places a vibrator on her clit. Despite her best intentions, Andrea moans as the vibe produces multiple orgasms. She squirms to move away but the spreader bar does not help her agility and she is bound to endure them.
OTHER KEYWORDS-sensual domination, gagged woman, bound orgasmsBella Rossi, Andrea Rosu, muscular woman, red hair, big tits, FO
Category: Lesbian Domination
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Damsel in Distress , Forced Orgasms , Corporal Punishment , Bondage , Female Domination
tags:lesbian domination,lezdom,story line ,storyline,forced orgasm,submission,humiliation,anal,butt plug,spanking,lesbian bondage,lesbian whipping

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