Carrying The Conversation

Starring Sumiko, Jacquelyn Velvets and James Barbatus

When sexy coed Sumiko invited handyman James Barbatus over this afternoon, she was under the impression that he’d just fix her ailing electronics, accept payment, and then be on his way. Out of an abundance of hospitality, she even offers him a cup of coffee!

But James is out for more than just a few bucks.he wants to render Sumiko senseless before carrying her all around the house to sate his own dark desires!

He isn’t prepared for Jacquelyn Velvets, Sumiko’s best friend, to show up unannounced.will he fold under the pressure or add another lovely limp lady to his collection?

This movie contains drugged drink KO, Syringe KO, neck chop KOs, several cradle carries, several OTS carries, double OTS carry, fireman’s carry, limp play, rag dolling
tags:superheroines fetish,superheroine porn,superheroines sex,humiliation,superheroines adult movies,fantasy

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