May 262020


Prinzzess vs. Ivy
How close pleasure and pain, sometimes they roll in the ring together – a little pain turns to please in the twist of a nipple or the bite of a lip. So when Ivy Sherwood finds Prinzzess tied and blindfolded in the ring she knows what a prize she has because this blonde is one sexy beauty, soon Ivy strips the top off Prinzzess and begins to enjoy those succulent breasts, she just can’t resist tweaking those pert nipples to the squeals of pain, then she kisses the blonde deep and hard. Then to the corner where the black beauty ties her prey to the ropes and strips her naked, now comes the real pain to pleasure dance, the gut slugs make her tummy quiver, then kisses lead to sharp rollers running over her amazing body, all this pain gets her ready for ultimate pleasure as Ivy gets on her knees so she can give the utmost orgasmic pleasure as she eats up the blonde’s pussy, oh how Prinzzess howls with pleasure. Another tie finds Prinzzess spread from one side of the ring to the other and more weapons of pain get her ready for more pleasure – those breasts get the total treatment and soon Ivy is so hot from this pleasure pain dance she strips herself naked and allows Prinzzess to pleasure all of her body, those sweet breasts are sucked hard then down to that primed pussy for her turn at orgasm. Another adventure of the sex slave and the ultimate pleasure pain dance !!!!!
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