Bunny VS Veronica Vixen

Bunny and Veronica have a very competitive rivalry bordering on animosity and dislike. They hate to lose and certainly don’t want to lose and be humiliated by the other. The defeated woman has to kiss the winner’s ass and worship her now sweaty feet from their mentally and physically exhausting fight. They punish each other with dominating facesits and both bury their rival in wet pussy and bare ass as they sit on each other’s faces. Matters intensify as a rear naked and arm bar leaves a surprised victim wondering if she should have accepted the fight. Veronica gets crushed in between thick, muscular thighs, grabbed across the neck in a tight headlock and put under the angry Amazon’s breasts. One sweat covered combatant runs out of gas and finds herself under the ass and pussy of her conqueress. She’s posed over and is now submissive and humble as she grovels at the better woman’s feet. Another hard earned lesson in abject defeat at the Academy.
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