Mar 292020

Brookelynne Briar – Wonder Woman Drains You

Brookelynne Briar – Wonder Woman Drains You
ou have been a very naughty villain who has been withholding important information on the location of several hostages. Wonder Woman is determined to retrieve it from you. She begins by coercing your cock to attention with her mouth and hands, vowing to strip your of your will. But, to her surprise, you hold back, refusing to cave to her demands no matter how good her hands feel tugging away on your cock. She has no choice but to break out her Lasso Of Truth which she wraps around your cock and balls, destroying your resolve and compelling you to give over the locations of the hostages. But that’s not all she has in store for you. She informs you that when you cum, she will use all of the orgasmic energy that has manifested in your balls to sway you from your evil ways. Upon orgasm you will be drained of every evil inclination and will side with her as one of her followers. You vow to resist, but her sexual prowess is too strong and your release a torrent of cum into her mouth and giving yourself cover to the side of good once and for all.
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