Paris Kennedy is very skeptical about fighting Ariel X, she is telling Gina that she will fight her but only in a pins only match… big mistake! Paris’s beautiful body is splayed across Ariel’s strong shoulders, those luscious breasts fall across her chest as her head goes limp from the strain… and this is just the beginning, so much more pain awaits Paris as Ariel refuses to pin her, yes, she wants it to continue. More great holds; ab stretches, Boston crab, camel clutch, and so many more, but the best is when she has her shapely legs around that pretty red head and squeezes. She is stretched, bent, pulled and pounded till she is only a twitching rag doll. All or nothing, all destruction and noting left of Paris !!!!
tags:catfight,lesbian domination,lezdom,female wrestling,facesitting,humiliation,submission,female fighting,ring wrestling,Scissors

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