Braylin Bailey – Naïve Blonde Beauty Trained To Never Disappoint

Braylin is excited for her interview to be an intern for Mr Masters, It’s a well known fact in the business world that his interns are taught all the really in demand skills wanted by executives that they don’t teach you in school

Mr Masters starts out explaining that the most important rule is to never disappoint your boss, no matter what. This concept really takes root in Braylin’s mind above all else.

Another real world lesson for Braylin is that apparently she dresses very badly and needs to improve if she is going to represent Mr Masters

Braylin learns that top executives often jerk off in the middle of the day to release some stress and Braylin is VERY nervous since she hasn’t seen very many dicks in person she doesn’t want to mess with Mr Masters daily Routine. She isn’t sure if she should look or not and looking makes her embarrassed and then to keep from disappointing her boss she has to admit it also makes her horny.

The final lesson of the day is that, working so closely together, Braylin needs be able to relieve her bosses stress any time he needs it.

Over the course of her internship Braylin learns that being the one Mr Masters can count on to never disappoint him makes her happie
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