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Brat Princess 2 – Sadie – Swallow his Cum and then Buy us Dinner (4K) – Cuckold

Brat Princess 2 – Sadie – Swallow his Cum and then Buy us Dinner (4K) – Cuckold
Sadie enjoys giving her Bull a blowjob. She calls Marcelo into the room to help her. Marcelo is surprised to see his Dominant wife on her knees giving another man oral! Sadie calls her husband an idiot and reminds him that she is free to do whatever she wants, including suck a cock that is bigger and better than his. Sadie makes her pathetic husband lay on the floor and spits into his mouth while she sucks her Bull. Marcello cannot control his wife. He does not satisfy her and that’s why she has locked him into chastity. Sadie is a slut-wife who just needs more and more dick. Her husband could never satisfy her like a well-endowed male, or several, could. Sadie’s Bull throat fucks her. She kneels over her husband’s mouth so that he can catch the drool. Sadie loves cheating on her husband with her Bull. Her husband lays on the floor covered in his wife’s spit. Sadie lets her Bull use her mouth for his orgasm. The Bull cums inside her. Sadie spits the cum into her cuck-husband’s mouth and makes him swallow. Sadie makes her husband give her the credit card. He is going to pay for his wife’s dinner with her Bull. After dinner, they will come back to Sadie’s house to fuck. Sadie’s husband, of course, will have to watch.
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